Changing Perceptions of the Western Landscape

Wes Hempel Counterthesis 2013 oil on canvas, 56 x 80 inches, Lent by the artist

May 19, 2013 to Sep 1, 2013

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Changing Perceptions examines the revived interest in landscape by contemporary artists, demonstrating the power of the land to speak to the imagination.

Recent works in painting, photography, printmaking, and even sculpture trace the evolving image of the landscape in art of the last 40 years. Many contemporary landscape artists explore the way that humanity has laid its hands on the land. Fences, dams, highways, and billboards appear as an acknowledgement that pristine wilderness is a rarity, foreign to most peoples' experience.

Among the diverse artists showcased are Amelia Bauer, Wes Hempel, Joanne Lefrak, Jack Loeffler, Patrick Nagatani, Donald Woodman, Gus Foster, Woody Gwyn, Erika Osborne, Ed Ruscha, Mary Tsiongas and Vincent Valdez.

Their passionate visions of the landscape take viewers on vividly detailed journeys around the American West and into the challenging imaginations of modern day explorers.