Now in its 24th year, Miniatures & More is an exhibition fundraiser that provides valuable funding to The Museum while benefiting the artists whose work it features. The only selling exhibition at The Albuquerque Museum, 
Miniatures was created by – and is a program of – the Albuquerque Museum Foundation.

A range of artists producing traditional and contemporary 
paintings, photographs and sculptures are selected each year
 through a juried process in order to provide an exceptional collection for consideration. The “& More” was added to the 2007 Miniatures exhibition. Miniatures & More also features a few 
selected large-scale works.

Miniatures & More 2014 will open on Saturday, October 25, 2014 with a ticketed gala. Tickets are $75 per person and can be purchased by calling 505.842.0111. The exhibition will open to the public on Sunday, October 26, 2014.

For the serious art collector, the 4th Annual Collectors' Dinner presents a unique opportunity to purchase artwork from Miniatures & More and from artists who have created pieces exclusively for that evening. A delectable wine dinner in the Miniatures & More gallery is the highlight of this evening. Tickets are $500 per person and may be purchased by calling 505.842.0111.

 Artists featured in the 2014 Miniatures & More exhibition


Timur Akhriev Jan Hoy
Charles Aldrich Peggy Immel Elias Rivera
Maude Andrade Betsy James Rosalyn Roembke
Edward Avila Vasili Katakis Remy Rotenier
Claudia Baragiola Debra Keirce Chuck Sabatino
Karen Bexfield Jamie K. Kirkland Jason Sacran
Tom Blazier Robert Kuester Abby Salsbury
Michael Budden Leigh Anne Langwell Carol Sánchez
Charlie Burk Ronnie Layden Billy Schenck
Michael Ceschiat Marietta Patricia Leis Suzy Schultz
Jill Christian Amadeus Leitner Sarah Shanks
Barbara Clark Ellen Leitner Sarah Siltala
Donna Contractor Karen Leoni Nancy Silvia
Susan Contreras Annell Livingston Linda St Clair
Stephen Datz Felix A. Lopez Brooke Steiger
Larry DeGraff Joseph A. Lopez Diana Stetson
Robert Deurloo Krissa Lopez Mary Ann Strandell
Cindy Dominguez Leon Loughridge Mary Sweet
Suzanne Donazetti Dianne Massey Dunbar Michael Tatom
Ann Dunbar Toby Mc Gee Laura Telander
Frank Ettenberg Gino Miles Jinni Thomas
Elen Feinberg J. Chris Morel Kaia Thomas
Christian Gallegos Iva Morris Kenyon Thomas
Cay Garcia Paul Murray Kevin Tolman
Deborah Gavel Tom Murray Alberto Toscano
Margot Geist Patrick Nagatani Linda Mae Tratechaud
Gail Gering Michael Naranjo Shawn Turung
Gregory Gibbons Thomas Nawrocki Krysteen Waszak
Kirk Gittings Brian O'Connor Susan Weeks
Michael Godfrey Jeff Otis Margi Weir
Damien Gonzales Scott Parker David Welch
Roger Green Pascal Pierme Jo Whaley
Anne Hirsh Greene Cheryl Price Jeremiah White
Scott Greene Susie Protiva Joshua Willis
J. Waid Griffin, Jr. Tim Prythero Marilyn Yates
Leigh Gusterson Alan Paine Radebaugh Susan Zimmerman
William Haskell Greg Reiche  
John Healey Elizabeth Rickert  

More Artists

Maude Andrade John Garrett Pascal Pierme
Paula Castillo Damien Gonzales  
Donna Contractor Frank McCulloch  
Gus Foster Tom Murray  


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